4 Things That Could Potentially Ruin Your Transmission

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Your car's transmission is one of the most important parts of your car. The transmission, when it needs to be replaced, can also be very expensive. It's important that you properly take care of your transmission so that you don't have to be faced with a costly replacement cost. There are a number of things that could potentially ruin your transmission.

Fluid Problems

There are two different fluid problems that can ruin your transmission: running low on transmission fluid and using the wrong kind of transmission fluid. Your transmission needs fluid in order to keep its moving parts properly lubricated, provide pressure as well as cool itself down. If you don't have enough transmission fluid in your transmission, your transmission has to work overtime in order to get the small amount of fluid to do all of its jobs. This can cause your transmission to overheat. Check your transmission fluids often, and if you find that your transmission fluid is low have your car examined for a leak.

Using the wrong kind of transmission fluid can also damage your car's transmission. Different transmissions require different types of transmission fluids, for instance some transmissions require a fluid that is specific to it, and transmission fluids can vary with viscosity as well as additives. If you don't know what type of transmission fluid you should be using, talk to your mechanic or consult your car's manual.


Transmissions often die because they overheat, and so it is important that you prevent it from overheating. Your transmission will overheat if you don't have enough fluid in your transmission, if the fluid in your transmission is old and burnt rendering it less effective, a damaged radiator or if the electrical component that regulates fluid flow in your transmission is damaged. If you notice your transmission running at higher temperatures than normal, tell your mechanic so that they can determine the cause of the overheating and stop it from happening. 

Shifting While Moving 

One way to damage your transmission is to shift into reverse or into drive while the car is still moving. You should ensure that the car is completely still before you shift gears and get on your way. This type of shifting will cause extra strain on your transmission gears and can destroy it. 

Keep your transmission in good condition, and if you notice that your transmission is having issues, contact a professional transmission repair specialist, such as Atomic Transmissions, to have it fixed as soon as possible.