Need Auto Repairs But Low On Cash? What To Know

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If you are having some auto trouble caused by an accident and you aren't sure if you want to make the claim on your auto insurance, take the time to see what the damages are going to cost you. If you don't have to make the claim and pay the deductible, you may be able to save money and keep your auto insurance rates the same. Here are a few things you'll want to consider when making the decision.

Cost of Used Auto Parts

If you get a used auto part that you find for sale on a local classified site or an online auto parts provider, you can save a ton of money. You may even find the used parts that you want at a local junkyard in your area, and you can save even more money if you know how to pull the part on your own. Used parts cost a fraction and can still provide you with years of service if they are in good condition.

Find an at Home Mechanic  

Not all mechanics choose to work in a shop and clock in or out every day, and there are many that choose to work out of their home. If you can find someone that has an at-home licensed business, instead of a large chain shop, they may offer you a much lower price and faster work. Compare the costs before you let anyone start working on your car.

Only Fix the Mechanical Problems

If you don't have the money at the time to fix the scratches, dents or dings caused by the accident, just start with getting the mechanical problems fixed so the automobile is safe to drive. You can always get the body fixed at a later time, especially if the damage isn't going to affect how you drive and if it isn't very noticeable.

Once you have the estimates you need you can see if they are going to be more than your out of pocket deductible, and if you can swing the costs for the repairs on your own. You don't have to walk into a mechanical shop in the area and get brand new parts put on your automobile, especially if the vehicle isn't new or reliable and you aren't planning on driving it forever. Try looking for used parts at places like Cottman Used Auto Parts. Use these tips to save money on the project and to get your car running as needed again.