Repairs To Improve Your Car's Horsepower And Fuel Economy

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If the age of your vehicle is starting to show and you are noticing poor performance in your vehicle's horsepower, torque, and fuel economy, then you'll likely begin to question whether or not it is time to replace your car. However, there are many repairs that will allow you to bring life back into the performance of your vehicle, especially when it comes to the power of your car's performance and the fuel economy. So, rather than stress about replacing your car, consider the following repairs:

Engine Upgrades and Services:

Over time, the torque and horsepower performance of your vehicle can diminish and this can cause your vehicle to become sluggish when accelerating. Because this causes your vehicle to drive sluggish, not only will you see slower acceleration speeds but you will also consume more fuel as your vehicle will have to compensate for the additional work your engine has to do to gain speed. This is why engine upgrades are important as engine upgrades like a new intake system, oxygen intake sensor and routine oil changes are critical for your vehicle's performance. These upgrades can add horsepower, better acceleration, and better fuel efficiency.

Tire Replacement:

Are you constantly having to add more air into your tires? If you do, then this could be caused by a leak in your tires. Tires that are deflated can create resistance on the road and this can hurt both your acceleration and of course, your miles per gallon. To ensure your vehicle is driving at top performance, you will want to eliminate any chance of your car driving without the proper air pressure in your tires, which is why it is important to replace your tires when they begin leaking.

Electrical Maintenance:

The performance of your car's start-up can easily impact the fuel efficiency of your vehicle and this can also be very easy to overlook. However, if your car has any sort of resistance or hesitation on start up, you could be consuming unnecessary fuel and this can hurt your vehicle's fuel economy more than you think. So, be sure that you have your battery, spark plugs, and alternator tested and replace on a routine basis, as this upgrades can definitely improve your vehicle's fuel consumption.

These upgrades, repairs, and maintenance services are great opportunities for you to add performance back into your vehicle. Not only will this enhance the power of your vehicle, but it will help improve the fuel economy of your car, giving you better miles per gallon. So, if you want to drive around town in a car that you can trust and don't want to worry about the costs of a new vehicle, contact a local shop, like Jensen Tire & Auto, to keep everything in top condition.