Automotive Aluminum Repair Tips

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More cars have been coming out that have a larger number of aluminum parts than might be expected. As a result, many auto shops are getting together the tools and kits that they need to be able to repair aluminum. This can be a significant investment on the part of the auto shop because the tools are different and can cost quite a bit of money. Here are some tips for making sure that your automotive aluminum repair procedures and workstation will allow you to recoup the investment as quickly as possible.

1. Separate Steel And Aluminum Repair Centers

One of the main complications that is associated with aluminum repair centers in an auto shop is the fact that aluminum repair often creates aluminum dust, such as when you are trying to cut off part of a broken aluminum piece after a car has been in an accident or when you need to cut a part so that it fits perfectly into the existent body of a car. Should the auto dust get onto any of the steel parts or the steel tools, then it is going to result in those tools becoming corroded.

In order to avoid this substantial problem, you need to keep the areas where you work on cars that need aluminum repair separate from the area where you work on cars that need steel repair. You also never want to use the same tools for both types of repair, because this is an easy way to get aluminum dust on the steel parts of a car.

Luckily, some of the pre-created kits come with curtains or temporary walls that can be erected in order to make sure that the dust from the aluminum repair procedures does not get on the steel parts for the normal repair procedures.

2. Try To Keep the Aluminum Repair Shop Constantly Full

Advertise heavily that you are able to repair vehicles that have aluminum parts. Due to the higher cost of the tools for aluminum repair, you will likely be one of the only shops in the area that provides this service. Try to keep the aluminum repair shop constantly full by providing great service and getting a mechanic and body shop specialist that knows aluminum cars and is certified to work on them. Word of mouth, after helping a few customers to peak satisfaction, will help you make sure that you are constantly using the tools that you spent so much on. This will allow you to recoup your expenses more quickly.

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