3 Tips To Keep Your Vehicle In Top Shape During Winter Weather

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Virtually nobody enjoys driving in winter weather, but it's a daily necessity if you want to get to work on time. The good news is that while you can't control Mother Nature, you can take control of your car's maintenance plan to ensure that is ready to handle anything that the elements throw at you. Here are 3 key parts of your vehicle that you should get checked at an auto repair shop before winter arrives and continue to keep an eye on during the wintry months ahead.

Wiper Blades Remove Moisture, Not Ice

The wiper blades are often overlooked when it comes to regular car maintenance. Just about everyone may remember to change their oil on a regular basis, but the wipers can be overlooked if it seems like they are still getting the job done. But the truth is, you might not realize just how much more visibility a fresh set of blades would give you until they are actually put on. In addition to starting out each winter with a new set of wiper blades, be sure to always use an ice scraper and not the wiper blades to remove ice from the windshield, even if it's a thin coat. That's a sure way to tear or at least wear down your blades, requiring another replacement much sooner than desired.

Check the Battery Often

Cold weather can often be tough on your car's battery. It's often the culprit when your vehicle won't start during the winter months. You can prevent this by getting your battery checked out at the auto repair shop before winter arrives and then continuing to keep an eye on it periodically throughout the winter season. You can buy a battery tester that will allow you to check the levels on your own at your local auto shop.

Change to the Right Kind of Oil

Not all motor oils are created equal. For winter driving, you need an engine oil that is up to the task. Motor oil gets thick when it's cold, which can make it more difficult for your engine to turn over. Your car manufacturer likely has a recommended option, but you will be OK as long as you make sure the oil you are using has a "W" in its viscosity index. (The "W" stands for winter). It's worth it to get your oil switched out to a winter-ready variety before the weather gets cold, even if you've had a regular oil change fairly recently.

Winter driving is very rarely any fun, but it doesn't have to create extra hassle for your vehicle if you go into the winter season prepared. Start each winter with a fresh set of wiper blades, and a winter-ready motor oil. Invest in a car battery checker to ensure that you won't run into an issue getting your vehicle started in the months ahead. Visit an auto shop like Gwizz Auto Group for more information.