Does Your Husband Want A Great Garage? The Best Gift Ideas

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If you've moved into a new house and your husband wants to turn the garage into his personal space where he can work on things and spend his time, there are some great gift ideas you can utilize for a special occasion. You can schedule do some planning to go out of your way to make the space his.

Since he may want the garage to be a certain way, and he may already have what he wants picked out, you can go over these ideas with him or prepay for them in advance, and then let him work out the details. Here are some great gift ideas. 

Custom Shelving and Cabinets

Custom shelving in the garage allows him to properly store all of the family sporting or camping equipment, his lawn care items and tools, the items that he uses for seasonal house maintenance and more. This keeps everything in the garage hidden behind doors and in a place, instead of scattered around for everyone to see when the garage door is open.

Epoxy Floor Covering

The garage floor can be coated and protected with a layer of epoxy. The experts come and put it down so the flooring looks clean and well maintained, and there are different shades and colors you can choose from. This is ideal if you want to entertain in your garage and use it for more than just storage.

Tool Boxes and Storage

If your husband has a lot of tool sand you notice they are getting scattered around the garage and house, it's time to get them a high-quality durable tool box. Something that has multiple drawers and compartments so they can go through and organize all of their tools, and something that they can wheel around the garage if the need to. There are many great tool box sets that go together for a complete look around your garage.

These are just a few of the things that your husband may want if they want to make the garage their own personal space that is organized and ready to work in. Talk with your husband to get some ideas, or surprise them and have the contractor show up to get their exact wishes before they start any projects. Not only is your husband going to be happy with his new space, but it's going to improve the value of the house and the garage. 

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