Unique Projects For Salvage Vehicle Parts

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Auto salvage yards can present you with all sorts of materials for projects of all types. You don't need to be overhauling an old car or looking for parts for your car to find interesting and useful materials at an auto salvage yard. Below, you will find a few ideas of things that can be made after a trip to an auto salvage yard.

Engine Block Wine Rack

This is an awesome idea for any car enthusiast's home – an old V12 engine block transformed into a wine rack. After cleaning the engine block, vertically mount it to a wood or concrete block to hold it upright and your wine bottles will fit nicely into each of the bore holes.

Truck Spring Stools

Rustic kitchens, workshops or bars can be finished uniquely with the addition of stools made of nothing more than old truck springs and wooden circles as the seats. The rusty look will add more rustic charm to the space and you have done your part in getting unwanted, unusable truck springs out of your local salvage yard.

Tail Gate Bench

Those classic truck gates from old trucks can be used to create some vintage one of a kind benches for around your home or workshop. Take a trip around your local salvage yard and look for the truck tail gate that you love. Construct a bench out of other salvage parts. For example, you could use springs for the legs and leaf springs for the arms, and then finish it with the tail gate for the back.

Window Crank Handles

You can replace your kitchen hardware, the dresser pulls or the drawer and cabinet pulls in your workshop with old window cranks and door handles found in the classic cars. You can do a little restoration work to restore them to a shine or leave them distressed to create a truly rustic look. Either way, you are sure to get all sorts of compliments for your interesting use of classic car hardware.

Headlight Lighting

Salvaging old headlights from different models of cars can provide you with what you need to put together unique lighting arrangements in your home or workshop. Those headlights, some electrical wiring and copper piping will work together to illuminate the space in an interesting way.

Take a trip to your local salvage yard. Keep your mind open as you look around at all of the cars, trucks and vans just sitting around waiting to be picked for some project. Contact a business, such as Fox Valley Iron Metal & Auto Salvage Inc, to learn more about used auto parts.