Repurposing Vintage Auto Parts

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Replacing worn or damaged car parts is essential when it comes to keeping your vehicle working properly. If you drive a vintage vehicle, then you may want to consider asking your mechanic for any old parts that are being replaced in the future.

Here are three unique ways that you can give vintage auto parts a new lease on life.

1. Use an old car hood to make a headboard.

Bringing vintage auto parts into the home might seem like a strange idea, but an old hood makes the perfect headboard to add to a child's room. If you have a car enthusiast at home, placing a rusted car hood at the head of his or her bed can be a great way to avoid contributing to landfill waste.

Just be sure that you take the time to carefully file down any sharp edges to avoid injury, and have the vintage car hood tested for lead before bringing it indoors.

2. Add some old coil springs to your office space.

If your mechanic (like Four-Twenty-Two Auto Wrecking) needs to replace the coil springs on your vintage vehicle to maintain a comfortable ride, you can use the old parts as office accessories. The space between coils can easily be used to keep your files and mail correspondence organized.

Use a wire brush to remove any rust, and seal the coil springs with a clear enamel spray paint to avoid the transfer of grease or rust from the coil to your paperwork. You can also use the coil springs as candle holders by placing them vertically with a candle on the top, and using the bottom coils as paper organizers.

3. Use old hubcaps to decorate your garden.

Replacing the hubcaps on a vintage vehicle can be a simple way to upgrade its look. You can easily give your car's old hubcaps a new lease on life by turning them into garden decorations.

Using spray paint, add some color to your hubcaps so that they resemble flowers. Attach a wooden dowel to the painted hubcap to simulate a stem, and add some wood or foam leaves to complete the look. Colorful hubcap flowers not only help to eliminate landfill waste, but they make a whimsical addition to any garden area.

Finding ways to use the parts a mechanic must replace on your vintage vehicle doesn't have to be difficult. Don't be afraid to get creative when it comes to repurposing vintage auto parts in the future.