Box Truck Opportunities: How To See The Money-Maker In A Box Truck

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If you happen to be cruising through an auto salvage yard or used commercial truck lot and spot a box truck for sale, you may pass it right by. This is pretty typical, unless you happen to be looking for box trucks. Before you pass by any more box trucks for sale, consider how much money they could create for you with the following ventures.

If you can get the truck relatively cheap, say a few hundred dollars to just a couple of thousand, any one or combination of these ventures could help you earn back all of the money spent and then some. (Who knows? You may like these odd jobs so well that you turn your single box truck for odd jobs into a full-blown business.)

Moving Service for Friends, Family and Neighbors

Undoubtedly, when people you know see you drive this truck home and park it in the driveway, they are going to have questions. Some will probably tap you for moving services. If you charge less per mile than the lowest-priced moving company (plus gas), you could make a decent amount of money here and there. Just make sure you have a commercial driver's license in case you are stopped by the police.

Picking up and Dropping off Large Items/ Delivery Service

Another type of odd job you could do to earn money with your box truck is delivery service. Items such as appliances and large electronics require a truck for delivery. You could also take donations from people and deliver them to thrift stores and second-hand shops for a small, price-per-item fee.

People are sometimes so eager to get items out of their house but have no way to remove them and transport them that they might see this service as a godsend. Your truck will also come in very handy for those items you have purchased and want to pick up from the store, since you can skip the extra delivery fees and just pick the items up with your own truck.

Converting the Box Truck into a Camper

Finally, the last idea you could use for a cheap box truck is to convert it into a camper or small house on wheels. Not only is this useful for your own needs, but you could also rent out your "camper" to people you know for a daily or weekly rate. The truck will require some major modifications, such as windows cut out of the sides of the truck and a different set of doors off of the back. If you buy your box truck really cheap, say, in the hundreds-of-dollars range, you could use a little more money to make the modifications and then earn it back when you rent out your box truck camper. Contact a company like House of Trucks for more information about your options.