Why Your Automatic Window Is Behaving Badly And Won't Go Up

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Are you experiencing an issue with one of your automatic windows on your vehicle not rolling up? If so, you may be on the verge of going into a panic depending on the current season or weather. The following are possible reasons that your window has malfunctioned.

Bad Motor

The motor is the portion of an automatic window that is responsible for its power. When motors burn out, the windows usually remain stuck in whatever position they are in at the time of the malfunction. Listen for the sound of mechanical parts when you try to let the window up or down. If you do not hear anything, the motor may be the culprit.

Bad Weather

If you left your window cracked or down in inclement weather, it is possible that it caused damage to the switch. For example, during a rainstorm, the excess water could enter into the switch area if the windows in a vehicle are not all the way up. Keep in mind that melting snow or ice on a vehicle with windows not closed can cause the same situation to happen. Do not make the mistake of trying to allow the switch to "dry out" over time because you run the risk of further window damage and damage to your vehicle's interior.

Bad Regulator

The regulator is the part of the automatic window that is responsible for letting the window up and down. You may still hear the motor on a window working even if the regulator has gone bad. 

Bad Tracking

Automatic windows rely on stable tracking to go up and down. When a window comes off-track, all of the other components of the window may be in working order, but the glass will need to be placed back on track for the window to work properly. Sometimes off-track windows may partially go up or down. Driving with a window off track could result in the glass dropping inside of the door where it may shatter, which is why it is best to address this issue as soon as possible to avoid additional repairs

An automotive glass repair company like City Wide Auto Glass is the best resource to use for windows that appear to be stuck. Attempting to get the window up yourself or relying on another untrained person could result in further damage to the glass or other components of your car's window. If the weather is inclement, it is better to try to protect the interior of your vehicle from damage by using plastic to shield it than attempting to disassemble the door or stick instruments in the window track area to force the glass up.